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The following list of names for the German towns were found in the microfilm records for births, confirmations, marriage and death records for the persons living in the settlements in and around Vandsburg/Zempelburg, Kreis Flatow, West Prussia, 1795-1883.  This list is NOT complete.  The records were spotty with respect to events and time periods covered.   
These films were viewed and interpreted in Spring of 2000 by Claude Baker.

      German         Polish        Location fromVandsburg
Vandsburg Wiecbork  --------------
Zempelburg Sepolno Krajenskie 7 miles NNE
Smilowo Smilowo 2 miles E.
Wittun Witunia 1 mile E (also appears as Wittonia)
Wissoka Wysoka Krajenska 3+ miles NE
Borzyzkovo Borzyszkovo 3 miles SW
Runowo Runowo Krajenskie 2 miles SW
Sossnow Sosno 9 miles NE
Zossen Sosno 9 miles NE
Neuhof Nowy Dwor 2 miles NNW
Zakrzewke Zakrzewek 1 mile SW of Nowy Dwor (also called Seemark)
Czarmun Czarmun 4 miles SSW
Sittnow Sitno 5 miles SE, 2.5 miles E. of Peperzyn and Zabartowo
Pempersin Peperzyn 4 miles SE
Zabartowo Zabartowo 4 miles SE (These two towns are next to one another.)
Zboze/Zbose Zboze 4 miles NE
Nichors Niechorz 3 miles E of Zempelburg
Obodovo Obodowo 9 miles NE, Obodowo appeared twice in other documents as Obendrof - not Obendorf
Ploetzig Plocicz 9 miles N
Zahn Trzciany 3 miles NE
Lobsens (Kr. Wirsitz) Lobzenica (Wyrzysk) 14 miles SW
Wissek (Kr. Wirsitz) Wysoka 24 miles SW
Schanzendorf Sitowiec 10 miles ENE
Gross Woellwitz Wielowicz 6 miles NE
Klein Woellwitz Wielowicz 6 miles NE
Erlau Olszewka 9 miles NE
Gross Lutow Lutowo 6 miles NW
Kamin Kamien Krajenski 12 miles N
Bagnitz Bagienica 13 miles NE
Rogalin Rogalin 7 miles ENE
Klein Kolonie Mala Klonia 10 miles NE
Zabatowo Zabartowo 4 miles SE
Monkowarsk Makawarsko 12 miles ENE

The following towns are the German names that were found in the records.  The Polish names are unknown at this time.  If you know where these towns are today, we would be happy to update this list with that information.

Jastrembner Colonia
Rogaliner Colonia
Klein Klue

It is our hope that this list will help you find the location of your ancestor's homeland -- in today's world.  If you have any questions or comments regarding this list, please contact Claude Baker at the e-mail link below.

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